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FAQs and Health

According to an article in the Mother Earth News, most of the eggs currently sold in supermarkets are nutritionally inferior to eggs produced by hens raised on pasture. Testing has found that, compared to official U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) nutrient data for commercial eggs, eggs from hens raised on pasture may contain:

Q. Why are your coops so heavy?

A. I like the idea of knowing my coops are built to last many years so we build them out of 2 x 4's with just a few 2 x 2's around the doors. Our floor joists and legs are 2 x 4's ,we use 5/8 T & G plywood on the floors and 3/4 plywood for our nest box's.

Q. Why are your Fly Pens made out of 2 x 2's and not 1 x 1's like most of your competitors?

A . I like the idea knowing that our fly pens are truly predictor proof.  I can sleep at night knowing that if one of my customers forgets to close and lock the little hen door on the coop that the fly pen is secure and will keep anything smaller then a bear out of the coop. (If you have bears you don't need chickens)

Q. How come there are only 3 nest box's in your coops that will hold 12 hens?

A. Hens like to share their nests unless they get broody. The rule of thumb is one nest box for every 4 or 5 hens.

Q. Why square perches and not round?

A. Over the years I have studied the habits of my chickens and found that when they get older they look for something square to perch on. Most of my customers don't get rid of their old birds just because of their age they keep them till they die of old age so why not set them up right so all the birds are comfortable from the start.

Q. Where is a good place to buy chickens and supplies?

A. For the last 20 years or so I have found that Alamo Hay and Grain in Alamo is the best place to buy chicks and supplies. John and the guys at AG & H are a good bunch to work with.

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Health Questions

The most important this when raising chickens is to keep them HEALTHY !! Healthy chickens are happy chickens, healthy happy chickens lay lot's of good eggs !!

I'm going to start this section with what I have found to be the easiest way to keep your chickens healthy.


Supplements will not cure a sick chicken but they will help keep a healthy chicken healthy year round

The best supplements I have found is Chisholm Trail Health Blend.

What is CTL Health Blend?

Health Blend is the Natural Choice

Chicken breeders are facing a crisis in the microbe world. The over use and misuse of drugs and antibiotics are wreaking havoc in bird populations. Pathogens are finding ways to mutate and more drug resistant strains are being cultivated everyday. Antibiotics are becoming less effective against these "super microbes". Scientist say that we are one antibiotic away from catastrophe!

Fearing the death of our champion pigeons and chickens we used to over medicate with dangerous antibiotics. We felt like we were pushed in a corner with no alternative. We decided to fight back, to create a solution to build the health and well being of our birds. We created the 100% All Natural CTL Health Blend.

The CTL Health Blend is a "pro biotic" formula. This means it is harmless to your birds and made from 100% All Natural ingredients. Some of the benefits that make our product superior to antibiotics are, there is no possibility of overdose.  It doesn't affect feathers, muscles, kidneys, liver or reproduction. It does increase production and productivity. Most importantly it takes the guess work out of your bird's health care.

Chisholm Trail  program is not a "cure" for existing health problems, but when used as a preventative maintence program, will minimize sickness caused by one-cell organisms. Our formula is no substitute for virus vaccinations, regimental worming or common sense hygiene.

Why Choose CTL?

"The Natural Way"

The CTL Health Blend supplement is a proprietary formula developed through scientific research and testing. Hundreds of bird owners have discovered the proven benefits of using the CTL 100% All Natural alternative to maintaining the health of their birds.



Used at a rate of approximately one tsp. to one pound of feed, or 1/4th cup to 50 pounds of feed. (More or less as needed or desired). *Adding an equal amount of oil, your choice, helps product to adhere to the feed. Does the following:

  1. Blocks the attachment of pathogens to the intestinal wall
  2. Binds ammonia, which is the catalyst for respiratory infectionsBinds aflatoxins and micotoxins (molds and mildews)
  3. Aids in fertility by cleaning the female ova duct and healthy sperm cells
  4. Provides nutrients necessary for healthy yolk sac
  5. Microencapsulated friendly bacteria (Competitive exclusion)
  6. Contains enzymes for better-feed utilization (Save on feed bill)
  7. Herbs, amino acids, vitamins etc. for silky, abundant, soft, waterproof feathers
  8. Enhances immune system to aid in recovering from viruses, vaccinations, and fighting pathogens. Etc.

Because CTL formula is all natural, there's no adverse affect on organs, vision, reproduction, and performance as with antibiotics.

Mineral and Trace Mineral Complex:

'Ionic' minerals 100 percent absorbable to be added to the drinking water at a rate of 1/4th tsp. to 1 gallon of water. Minerals are beneficial in 100's of ways, by aid in building tissue throughout the body and are necessary for un-locking vitamins. Our Mineral and Trace Mineral Complex is made for human consumptions, therefore; you need them also.


Acid Pack 4 Way 2X is added along with the Mineral and Trace Mineral Complex at a rate of 1/4th tsp. to 1 gallon of water. Acid Pack 4 Way 2X does the following:

  1. Lowers the pH to deter the spread of pathogens, which dislike low pH.
  2. Proliferates the spread of friendly bacteria, which are micro encapsulated in the Acid Pack 4 Way 2X.
  3. Electrolytes that restore and maintain mineral balance. (For hard racing and exhibition).
  4. Improves water intake.

The Acid Pack 4 Way 2X is to beheld up on shipping day to a race since it can create thirst. It works great for birds returning from races.

The entire program is to be used 365 days a year. Storing in refrigeration or cool, dark, dry cabinet helps to extend the shelf life of each item. Our CLT Health Blend package treats over 2,000 pounds of feed, so from this you should gather how long it will last you. The two water treatments cover approximately 200 gallons of water.

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