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Our Customer Comments

Joe from San Jose says

This perfect form my 5 hens and looks great too.

Laura in Redwood City writes.

Hi Wes,

My girls LOVE their new playhouse.  I swear they were like children this morning exploring their new coop.  One of them flew up to top of nest box and then decided to fly onto roof.  I thought her next move would be to fly over fence.  So I got her down and spent most of day putting netting over entire area.  I also gave them an early Christmas present...I made fence area bigger and gave them that redwood tree right there.  They are in heaven.   I feel somewhat more whole for lack of better word knowing they are protected from all the risks out there.  I loved chatting with you about these silly birds.  Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful home for them.

Take care,


Steve Pacheco says

WOW! This coop looks great you should be selling it for a lot more like $600.00 each, they are super nice !!

From the Cruse Family

We just wanted to thank you very much for building our new chicken 
coop.  It is really awesome and we love it.  Our ladies are very 
happy in there, and we know that they are safe.

Thanks for your great work and have a very happy holiday,

Bryce, Shari, Nicholas and Claire

From Janet and Jon in San Jose

"Our little chicks are our peace, happiness and a gift from heaven.
They provide SO MUCH love.  They will never suffer thanks to your
brilliant professional coop and run construction.  Thank you again
for all your hard work.  We could not be happier!!  Janet and Jon"

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