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Fox and the eggHere at Best Coops we take pride in every project we under take. Wood working and building is our passion!!

Everyone knows that the best eggs come from happy, healthy chickens.

BestCoops.com logoHaving chickens in your own back yard is great for them and good for you as well. Aside from the obvious benefit of your own fresh eggs, chickens are entertaining, affectionate and free pest control.

Here at Best Coops we are excited to be able to offer our newest chicken coop designs to make keeping chickens in your backyard easy and affordable.

We have been building Animal habitats for 40 years and have learned how to built a healthy safe enclosure for your pets. We have been called upon by many of our competitors to teach them about proper materials to use for specific mammals, birds and reptiles. The biggest key to happy healthy pet's no matter what the they may be Birds, Rabbits or Reptiles is proper heat control , ventilation and dryness. Health is the key to happy pet's.

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